Adhesives – Dymax UV Curing Adhesives and Coatings



UV or Light curing materials offer many benefits over conventional adhesives.
  • Fast Cures measured in seconds speeds up production
  • Curing on demand allows alignment of parts before cure
  • Single component allows ease of dispensing and reduces waste
  • No solvents eliminates hazardous and environmental issues
There are some limitations for UV or Light curing materials.
  • The material only cures when exposed to the appropriate wavelength light
  • Curing depths are limited and vary from 6 to 12mm
  • Some materials can be cured by activators or secondary cure actions

Some transparent plastics such as PC and PMMA are UV blocking and in these cases an adhesive that cures with the visible light range must be used.

Many UV lamps emit light in the visible blue range.

While UV curing materials should be protected from fluorescent and sunlight, these do not have sufficient intensity to effect a full cure.