Two Part Dispensing (2K) – GS Manufacturing

GS Manufacturing


Over – Under Units

These machines utilise two geared pumps that are driven by a pneumatic motor connected through a chain drive. This allows the ratio to be varied with in certain limits.

The materials are fed to the metering pumps from bulk containers by feed pumps or RAM pumps depending upon the material viscosity. As these machines are mainly used on large applications the mixing head would normally be attached to long supply line hoses.

Gelcoater Units

In these applications the material ratio is normally of the order of 40:1 and is not critical.

The main resin is pumped by a vertical feed pump which is modified to actuate a small catalyst pump through a lever arm to give the required ratio. The two materials are fed through a pneumatic spray gun which can be either external or internal mix.

Chopper Units

These units have a spray system similar to a Gelcoater to which is added a system which feeds chopper glass fibres into the spray path.