Two Part Dispensing (2K) – Sulzer Mixcoat

Sulzer Mixcoat


The Sulzer Mixpac MixCoat sytem is for the application of 2 part paints and coatings.

Using a modified version of the F series cartridges from 940ml to1500ml in ratios of 1:1, 2:1, 3:1 and 4:1, the pneumatic dispensing is combined with spray nozzle to give a versatile, simple and clean approach to applying 2-component materials with a minimum amount of waste and guaranteed mixing.

With applications in the defence and construction industries it gives high quality outcomes and labour savings.

The system include four types of dispensers.

  • MixCoat Spray Dispenser is used for most standard applications
  • MixCoat Flex Hose System is used for applications that involve confined spaces.
  • MixCoat Dispense is for non spray type applications
  • MixCoat Manual is used for touch ups and when an air supply is not available

The spray nozzles come in straight and 90 degree angled versions