Two Part Dispensing (2K) – Mixers & Shrouds

Mixers & Shrouds


These machines can build up very high pressures when dispensing very high viscosity materials.

To allow for these conditions the ME and MS series mixers are made from a higher grade material. To distinguish them from the MC cartridge mixers with a white flute, the ME has a blue flute and the MS a yellow flute.

The ME mixers have an attachment ID of 16.7mm while the MS have a 17.6 ID. In these applications a shroud should always be fitted. The shroud fits over the outside diameter of the mixers to prevents the outer tube expanding under pressure and allowing some material to pass through the gap that is created.

They also provide a safety barrier if a mixer should burst. In automated dispense operations the shroud assures the tip is always correctly located. To match the two most common standards for dispense heads the shrouds can be supplied with either UNC 9 TPI or UNF 14 TPI threads.